Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Vegan Month of Food 2018 Day 12 - Dats a SPICY (vegan) meatball... (or let's have some cabbage...)

How dreamy is this!
Today we're talking about spicy and hot without chilies. As this is "free from" week, we're avoiding chilies today because they are in the nightshade family which is an allergen for some people (yup, I've encountered that with guests here in the past, it's really not that unusual after all). Funny thing about hot sauce; I love it but don't do very well with the super heated stuff like ghost peppers. On the flip side, I love horseradish, wasabi and Asian mustard. That stuff is hot, sure, but it is so tasty and so much more tolerable for me than chilies and hot sauces. The other happy vegan is the exact opposite. Today I did a little investigation and learned that there are different receptors on different parts of the tongue that supposedly makes it easier to eat peppers for some people and not the trifecta of horseradish, wasabi and Asian mustard. I actually did eat a dumpling with Asian mustard with first contact on the front third of the soft palate. It worked, not as hot! Psychosomatic? Not sure.

Anyway, today I had my first visit to an Asian market in my entire life. We were in Miami for business, and after headed over to the market. I was hoping to get some fresh horseradish root, but they didn't have it. Instead, I walked out with wasabi paste, hot mustard and wasabi peas. Wasabi is in the cabbage family, no chili or pepper relation. Hot mustard is straight up mustard root. Wasabi is sort of rare outside of Asia, and many commercial wasabi preparations use horseradish. Both the powder I show in my video and the paste do contain actual wasabi, but also horseradish (again, no chilis, just a root). The powdered wasabi is a far superior product having a mere 3 ingredients best as I can recall. I also read that wasabi does grow in North America in Oregon, Tennessee and North Carolina.

Here's a little video for you today:

Although I don't eat much wasabi, I almost always still have the powder version in my pantry because I absolutely love it with my mango vegan sushi (don't knock it until you've tried it). Of course my sushi is made without any sea veggies or nori (that's a story for another day) I prefer soy paper, coconut wraps or rice paper. As far as the mustard, now that I have my hot little hands on the hot little mustard, I foresee a crap ton of that being mixed into my everything but breakfast oats. We shall experiment!

While I was in the Asian market, I did pick up a few other things, including one specifically for an upcoming prompt. I couldn't figure out what everything in that store was, not everything had English. It was far more vegan friendly than I ever anticipated, but it was also far more trippy with non-vegan items in there that I didn't even know existed. Rough stuff at times, as nothing is off limits apparently.

Hope you've enjoyed today. Check back tomorrow for something else, whatever it is, I'll be there!


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