Sunday, May 28, 2017

Vegan MiniMoFo May 2017: FAVORITES!

Hi. Our Vegan MiniMoFo prompt for this month is "favorite." Favorite what? Favorite ANYTHING. Could be a restaurant, ingredient, recipe, meal, fruit, vegetable, you name it. Since I again thought this was a great prompt I really wanted to run with it; I had grand delusions for my post this month, all sorts of ideas for mini movies, recipes, and other fun things for you. I did manage to actually make a fantastic recipe (link provided) of my hands-down favorite dessert, vegan tiramisu! This time we took the raw route. Make it, I promise, you will not be sorry. We also took a short trip to Key West, there's a mini video at the end for you.

Summer has moved into the Keys, honestly I think my schedule should open up a little bit over the next few weeks. If not, what can I say.... hope springs eternal! For now, I'm simply elated that posts are up, along with fellow participating bloggers and vloggers which I make a point to check in with. We're awesome, what can I say?!!!

Here's our video, scroll below for the recipe link with a few of my own comments, and then the bonus video.

Here's the link:

FYI, I didn't have enough cashews, so only used cashews in the cashew cream. I used only almonds in the "cake" and the "coffee" layer. It was a good swap, as there was virtually no nutty flavor, which is what I was going for. I thought pecans would be too pronounced in the recipe. I was shocked how cake-like the cake layer turned out to be. Indeed it IS fluffy for a raw recipe; do NOT pack down the layers. It was a little hard to serve, didn't quite firm up as much as regular vegan tiramisu would, but I was working with a spatula when I probably should been worked with a long handled spoon. You could also make a raw chocolate sauce to drizzle on your plate for effect using raw cacao -- look up any raw recipe if you choose (I did not).

I'm heading back more and more to a raw lifestyle, not sure how far it will take me this time, but last time I healed a fracture, plantar fascitis, and myriad other random issues. A raw dessert like this is pure indulgence, typically I stick with fruits, vegetables and eat very little nuts. If you serve this to anyone, you will get the "you must've spent HOURS in the kitchen making this!" haha.... if only "they" knew.

And, yes, I planned on making a mini-movie this month for you.... fun little clips of "favorites" from all the things I did this month, food-related. I managed ONE clip, and here it is:

Do you find it as humorous as I do when I look at this and hear me speak the words that I'll be bringing you lots of favorites this month. At least I meant it when I said it, I swear!

There it is, favorites for May 2017. No idea what June's prompt will be, but with any luck mangoes will finally be coming in..... I actually find myself daydreaming about eating Grimal Grove mangoes. Fingers crossed for June!

See you next time, vegan love to you as always!


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  1. I've never had tiramisu; sounds like a great recipe!