Monday, October 31, 2016

Hooray for Vegan MoFo 2016 - Here's My Intro!

Hi everyone, it's THAT time of year.... not just Halloween.... Samhain.... but also Vegan Month of Food! Usually this glorious occasion occurs during September, this year the administrators moved it to November. We're in again this year, couldn't resist.

We had GREAT plans for you.... but typical with life, things change. We planned to shoot some videos during our road trip vacation, but we got chased out due to Hurricane Matthew. Turns out, the Keys were the only coastal Atlantic region in the State of Florida that really did not have any major warnings or watches. Silly us.... we left Paradise with plans of tooling around mainland Florida. Not to be. Next, we had a mini-road trip planned around Central Florida VegFest, but the best we could manage was a whirlwind drive straight through for Festival and come right back home. We shot a few videos ahead of time, I did a few projects with photos ahead of time, and as this intro video explains for you, it is what it is for 2016.

We hope you'll follow along, we're on Facebook, YouTube and right here on this blog. MoFo gives the opportunity for new life on the blog every year. I used to write every day, that was a long time ago. Maybe you miss me, maybe you don't, sometimes I really miss writing.

I'm looking forward to the month, and especially enjoying all the other bloggers and vloggers. Thanks to the administrators for again bringing us together for this international event highlighting vegan food!

Let's go to the videotape!

See you tomorrow!