Tuesday, April 21, 2015

A Slice

We're still adjusting to life since the loss of Peri. The others are upset, and Lemon especially is battling for dominance, to reclaim the "top cat" position that Peri took when he came on board. We're coping is all I can say.

Season has been exceptionally busy with work and other commitments. At the beginning of this year, I made a goal for a certain amount of miles to run this year. I think I'm on track, despite a couple setbacks including an injured ankle that's been going on 4.5 months recovery now, and all the other obstacles that life throws when any of us goal set.

I went out for my daily run today, it was hotter than I expected. I run exclusively on asphalt, that's what we have down here so it's what I am accustomed to. I'm going through a pair of running shoes every 4 weeks, I think that's a decent testimonial to the amount of miles I'm logging regularly. I went out today for 6 miles, figuring no big deal. Only about 1 mile in, I realized it was not going to be one of my better days, that I should dial back my time expectations and just work to finish. While I was out there, I saw dragonflies getting busy (that always makes me laugh when I see them... how is that even possible they DO that?!!!), what I think was a green heron (I'm just not sure, I should go look that up, no?), and then the mosquito chopper made long work of dropping pellets over the Bight. We've had some rain on the overnights and it's brought some mosquito activity as per normal in life. I am always compelled to watch those 'copters when they're working, they fly so incredibly low and so very close to houses and wires. Today I watched the 'copter go almost completely sideways, the blades looked like they would've cut mangroves (no, they didn't), but I did shut the music and listen as he was overhead time and time again. I also saw my first waterspout in a long time. The season is changing. There are some cues down here, it's much more subtle than where I come from (north), but Spring is almost over for us when the purple martins pass through on their migration up north, and entirely over after "Spring fall" which is what we happy vegans refer to when the trees here shed their leaves, and the dogwood trees bloom. The dogwoods have tiny pinkish white petals that fall to the ground, making a beautiful soft blanket that the Key deer gobble up. 

Harbinger of summer? I guess today was it.... incredibly hot run with temps or heat index well into the 90s, and seeing my first water spout. By the last mile, the wind had shifted, and the rain which I expected to stay on the North side of the island seemed to be heading my way. The wind brought sweet relief for that last mile, but not enough for me to stop thinking with every step "why why why." 

As Pop says we just have to "keep on keeping on." 

And so, we are.