Sunday, July 13, 2014


When it comes to setting goals, I excel. Goal setting is one of the things I've steadfastly done pretty much my entire life, even as a child. I've been setting many new goals lately. As a goal setter, I found that I had stopped setting concrete goals, and I think I began to let my circumstances guide me instead of taking charge more like I'm used to. But no more!

I think I'm going to revamp this blog. Although writing the blog is something typically I actually enjoy, you and I both know that when push came to shove, the time wasn't there, and this blog is not updated as often as I'd actually like any more. I was really good about posting so regularly for so long. Then last September after VeganMoFo I just lost the love…. lost the desire to have a goal of regular postings. Instead, I've begun videotaping things (does anyone else still call this videotaping?) I may exclusively  move to an all video format, or I may just embed some video images here on this blog. I've also been told by more than a few people that you guys out there want to see us, and maybe learn more about us. How is it even possible to learn more about us, if you look back at my posts, often you'll see my soul poured out right there for all to see. Regardless, this is what I've been experimenting with. I like raw footage better than slick produced material. Anyone else ever stay for the credits at the end of movies? I always do! I love the outtakes at the end, those few moments are sometimes better than the whole movie.

I've set a goal to either resurrect this actual blog, or move to a better format, within a few months. This gives me the time I need to become more comfortable on both sides of a video camera.

Today we went out on the little boat. It was I'm guessing about the 3rd time this year since we've been out on the water. There is something about being at sea that helps me prioritize so many things. I've set some new goals for my personal health, for my hair (yes, going to dye it purple for reals), for my business (if only I could clone myself since I have so many other projects I want to do for our beautiful Florida Keys community!) and for my emotional well being. One goal that I've hit and exceeded is the power of the word no… that magical word has allowed me to spend much more time on some personal things that are near and dear to me, including spending time with our animals.

Goals. They're a good thing.

I promise I won't disappear on you again! 

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