Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Thrive, Not Deprive

Every day I plan to put up a new post, then I get bogged down in chores, and other things.  I think mostly right now its the "other things" that are clogging my time.  Don't feel bad for me, its nothing I cannot handle, and nothing tragic.  I'm planning for something coming up, and it involves some commitment of regular exercise, and diet modification.  The exercise thing I can handle (mostly).  Just making sure I hit the mark on daily workouts plus running; making sure I don't slack.  The part that's been really hard for me is diet modification.  Now, if you've ever spent more than 2 minutes with me, you know that "diet" is not in my vocabulary.  I said "diet modification," that's something we can all probably do better with, including me.

Any one can just as easily be a junk food or unhealthy eating vegan or vegetarian, as can a carnivore.  There's plenty of poor food choices out there for us vegans, just as there are for anyone else.  I spend a lot of time in the kitchen cooking and baking.  I read a lot, and pay special attention to anything that has to do with disease, chronic illness, and how to reverse such things with diet modification.  I understand well enough that too much of anything is not good for us; for me my nemesis is sugar.  What I've worked very diligently on lately is removing excess sugar from my diet.  Not easy for me, the first couple days I was probably not very nice to be around.  I haven't removed ALL sugar from my diet, but its been vastly reduced.  The modification resulted, at first, in headaches, irritability, and some fatigue.  Workouts were difficult.  Through it all, I persevered.  As I write this now, I feel somewhat victorious because my workouts have improved, as has my endurance for running.

This modification is driving home the point to me just how important food is, the philosophy of eating to thrive.  Thrive.  I like that word.  In the news right now is a lot of talk regarding Paula Deen and her diabetes.  I'm sad to see that she's not taking this opportunity (so far) to grow into a healthier lifestyle with food... to take her devotees on the learning journey that could improve her own health, as well as those of her fans.  Instead, she seems to be taking the customary route that so many people take.... drugs.  BigPharma.  She's going to be a spokesperson for a drug.  I read a quote from her that said "no one wants to live on lettuce alone."  Well, she right; I love lettuce and don't want to live just on lettuce.  Fact is, I don't, and neither does any other person who wants to eat to thrive.  There's plenty of better food choices out there than deep fried this, processed that, or nitrite filled other things.  She's not going down the plant based and/or low fat road, yet.  Maybe she will someday, and I will be watching.

For now, I've taken my own diet modification as a reminder that too much of anything is not usually good for us.  I'm eating better, I've got a goal set right in front of me, and I'll report back to you soon to fill you in on the details.  The next time I eat a double chocolate brownie (vegan, organic, of course!) or a piece of heavenly organic vegan dark chocolate I will savor every bite, and not have a speck of guilt.  I may be eating to thrive, but I'm not eating to be deprived.  

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  1. Lifestyle modification !! I'm with you 100% on this, same philosophy, 'eat to live, don't live to eat' and 'the whiter the bread the quicker you're dead' Harsh but true.

    Paula Deen doesn't get it... so much better to modify your lifestyle with activity and healthy eating than to take drugs... and this from a pharmacist!