Thursday, January 12, 2012

Girl Power!

Boy oh boy, have I been BUSY!  In addition to regular obligations and sudden obligations, there's things that I've been doing, and/or planning for, which have been in the works for a while.  One of those events took place today.  I was in a fashion show.

The event was for charity, a Relay for Life event.  Some time ago, my friend J who owns Tickled Pink Boutique here on Big Pine Key told me about a fashion show she was asked to put together as part of a fundraiser for a women's group somehow connected with Relay for Life.  J asked me if I'd like to be a model.  I'd get to wear some cool clothes from her store, get my hair and make up done, and twirl around in the name of charity.  Sounded good to me, of course I said yes.

In all my years, I have never been IN a fashion show.  I've gone to many shows as a spectator, but nope, never IN a show.  Its a lot different from behind the scenes, trust me.

I was buffed, puffed, exfoliated, sprayed, tweezed, sprayed, poked, prodded, and re-sprayed.  My hair was done 2 different ways with 2 different sets of accessories.  My make up was even airbrushed on. Seriously! When did airbrushing makeup come into play?  All this pancake flipping and cupcake baking has taken me out of the beauty loop for far too long.  As a whole team of people were making magic happen with me and all the other models, I actually began to once again feel actually feel empowered by my femininity.  Time was being made for me to be beautiful; that just never happens.  It's something I shove to the back burner constantly, and I MEAN constantly.  I've no time to be a girly girl with this business and all my other obligations. I often wonder why do I even cut and color my hair anymore when it typically gets shoved into a baseball cap immediately upon waking up every morning.  Almost every day I also say to myself "as soon as breakfast is over, I'm going to style my hair, and get cleaned up." That almost never happens.  Why bother. After chores, I'll go for a run or some other workout, then its time for more chores, then maybe a boot camp class, a walk on the beach, and so on.  You get the picture.  Do you see anything in this scenario that makes it worth my while to even think about mascara or lipstick?

Me either.

Today was different.  Yesterday was different.  The last few days have been different.  Outfits were planned, accessories chosen, makeup and hair were planned for me, and nail polish was on the agenda.

I, along with all the other models, did our best to do justice to all the work put in by those magic makers who fluffed and buffed us.  Those who dressed us, painted us, combed & sprayed us.  Jacked me up in stiletto heels, reminded me constantly to stand up tall, smile and twirl twirl twirl.

It was an experience, this I must say.  Thankfully it WAS a good experience, as I, along with all the other models, have agreed to do another show in Key West next month for another cause.  That show is planned to be over the top glam.  I'm looking forward to it, I really am.  Someone out there besides me actually gives thought to my appearance.  My hair is already being planned, outfits are being chosen, and the magic makers behind the scenes are working hard to get us all sprayed, painted and beautiful for the next show.

I may actually remember to bring a camera next month.  Its not too often I've got a crew of experts working  to actually turn me into a girl.  They pulled me back from the abyss; where runner's feet and a baker/cook's overly washed hands are the order of the day.

Its nice, really nice, if I do say so myself!

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