Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Solstice!

In less than one hour's time, Summer Solstice will be here.

If you're new to the blog, let me explain that today is one of the most important and best days of the year in my world. Summer Solstice is when we honor the gods of the sun. The holiday is also known as Midsummer, and Litha. A day important enough that even Shakespeare centered his famed tale around the holiday.

Summer Solstice was important to me even before I was following the current path I'm on. If you're not new to the blog, then you may recall that the first day of Summer was one which my dad used to count down, beginning almost from the last day of Summer the year prior. Because I used to live in a colder climate where winters were actually wintry, the first day of Summer represented many different things to me. It represented vacations, sunshine, happiness, and fun times. Summer brought parties, friends, family and bbqs (tofu dogs anyone? YUM!)

Even though I now live where its summery year round, the first day of Summer is still magical. Its a day to be especially grateful (which I am). This is a day to celebrate, a day to party!

Through the Summer, I rejoice in the pictures my friends post on line sharing their summer vacations, the beach, the Jersey shore, and whatnot. I love hearing the stories of parties which happen over sultry Summer nights, and love the simple fact that my friends and family are basking in the glow of sunshine and heat, instead of scraping snow & ice from a driveway or car. I'm simply happier when those I love are happier. Summer makes that happen.

Today, being Summer Solstice, I made lemon raspberry muffins as part of our guests' breakfast at Deer Run. I like to make something sunny & lemony on the first day of Summer. Later today I have big plans to honor those rascally sun gods by sitting somewhere in my own sunny patch with a frosty beverage, and reflect on all the beauty there is surrounding me. My mind wanders constantly to my dad today, and all the good times we shared especially over the summertime months. This is an important day for me, but those seeds were sown decades ago in the shadow of my dad and his own little calendar countdown.

Happy Solstice. Happy Summer. Enjoy this day, and let's all have a great Summer!!

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