Friday, September 14, 2018

Vegan Month of Food 2018 Day 14: No Salt, No Problem!

Today we are tasked with bringing you low sodium, full flavor.  I've totally got your back, well ok.... Food for Thought in Marathon has our back today.

I'm working part time in the kitchen at Food for Thought in Marathon as we here at Deer Run work through our Irma recovery. I like it there, as I've said before. The food is great, the people in there are wonderful and treat me with respect, the customers very often have similar values as I do (vegan, mindful living, compassion), and I am free to speak about my own business if it comes up. This is a big perk for me because people travel from all over the world to visit the Florida Keys and often times ask if I happen to know any great places to stay because they love the Keys so much they're coming back. And, guess what, I sure do happen to know the best place in the Keys to stay.... Yay Deer Run!

I love all the small natural food stores in the Keys, you know that. I've waxed poetic for years on them. Also, if you've stayed here, you know I've always shared my opinion with you that Food for Thought consistently puts out some of the absolute best quality and tasting food in all of the Keys. You can be as "crunchy granola" as you want in there, or you can dive off the deep end and indulge in a Beyond Burger for example. They are exquisitely vegan friendly, the entire menu is either already vegan or there's a vegan option for any non-vegan menu items. It was no surprise that one of the specials in the cafe today was a live food taco!

Living Food Tacos!

Let's break it all down. First, everything is organic. Next, the ingredients; red cabbage "shells," house made seasoned walnut ground "meat," riced cauliflower, house made pico de gallo, house made cashew cream, red pepper, avocado, along with a side salad which is served with house made dressing. Oh. Ehm. GEE!!!! You know, "they" say we first eat with our eyes. Looking at this plate, I'd have to agree.

The walnut "meat" is seasoned with organic spices, not sodium. And, it sold out completely today, no surprise there either.

A few years ago, after the other happy vegan had a few health issues, I became an expert at low sodium cooking and baking. To this day when I cook for just us, I still only use low sodium bouillon, zero sodium home made broth, zero sodium Spike, or just my own combination of seasonings. Since I'm consistently dabbling in raw cuisine, when I do eat things with regular or high sodium it sort of seems "off" to me in that all I taste is salt, not the flavors of the food itself. For those not in the know.... there actually are zero sodium baking powders out there which work beautifully. I've used them extensively when zero sodium guest have been here.

Here we will always choose small businesses over corporations any time we have a choice. It's crucial for as many of us to make these choices, if we hope to continue to have actual choice in our lives when it comes to purchases (in my opinion). If you want some of the best and most nutritious food in the Florida Keys you will choose any (or all) of our natural grocers and cafes. And since I'm in the kitchen at Food for Thought at least for now, you'll surely want to stop in, say hello and grab a bite. They can accommodate us low sodium peeps without batting an eyelash.

Vegan for the win, low sodium style. And, always for the animals.

Vegan love til tomorrow!

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