Thursday, August 9, 2018

If I Die Road Trip: Part One.

Recently we were on a road trip. It was relatively spontaneous, I almost decided not to go. In the end I went for one main reason, I had major surgery scheduled imminently weighing over me like a cloud. Not to be morbid, but I decided this would be my "what if I die" road trip. It has been a protracted hardship to say the least since Irma struck down here. Being mucked down almost 1 year in post Irma recovery, still having an empty lot where the house was, and our business not yet reopened, I figured damn that would REALLY suck if that was the exclamation point on the end of my life.

We flew to Montana first to pick up a car that we would drive back to the Keys for a friend. The location was quite remote, the house sits high up in the mountains. The road is paved, but the long road to the house is not. Didn't see anyone, didn't care to see anyone.

We flew Delta, which I've never done before. They actually had a fully vegan in flight snack purchase option, first time I've ever seen such a thing. We had 1 layover before the final destination. I quickly came to realize that airports have also upped their vegan game. As usual, whenever I have time I explore what the vegan options are, including airports. To my absolute astonishment we found the airport to be vegan friendly both in multiple restaurant options as well as packaged food options. Look at these photos:

This was available on the airplane
for anyone who desired!
Vegan for the win!
This was just one of the all vegan
choices available at one of the
restaurants where our layover
That's a house made vegan patty
for the other happy vegan!
This was the first time
I've seen this relatively new
product for sale.
It's a meal replacement drink.
I didn't try it, but think
it's an excellent choice
for the airport shops to carry.
This is what I ordered, it was huge.
Hard to see but it had a small scoop of
hummus and a small scoop of
something else ... was it baba ganoush?
I forget, but it was delicious!
The airport had an ice
cream bar with
a vegan selection!