Sunday, October 8, 2017

Vegan MoFo Day 8: A Cat and A Salad

I worked in what remains of the attic sweeping out the glass from broken objects that Irma tore from boxes and bins. Also pulled out more attic insulation and swept that out all in preparation for renovations. Reapplied the anti mold spray since that came back with yesterday's final downpour as the fearless persons from the Blue Tarp Project were working. Hot sweaty filthy work today no way to salvage this spirit for a front of camera video, instead I've got something far better.... a cat video.

I could watch this all day... those jumps are so fabulous.

As today's prompt was winning friends with salad, I made one post-hurricane style for you and the other happy vegan. There's a photo on the Facebook page since I'm still having technical difficulties. In fact I'm sitting in my car again to do this. All from donations, I used a pack of precooked pasta, half a can each of carrots, corn and black beans, an avocado (fresh!!! Brought up with other fresh vegan food by the ever lovely Charlie herself of Date and Thyme) and 2 pieces of Chao that sort of survived Irmageddon being housed in a cooler before making it to a generator powered fridge. I also used Bragg's dressing and balsamic in the pantry from pre storm. A little salt, a little pepper with the magic ingredient a pack of bruschetta also donated. Ir may not look like much but damn it's good and I know the other happy vegan will be all over it any minute now. 

I'm going to try to purge my skin of these insulation fibers and with that I wish you a beautiful vegany evening. Hugs to you my friends. 🥑❤️🐾