Thursday, November 17, 2016

Vegan Month of Food 2016 - Day 17 "At Least I Tried!"

I had high hopes for today, you'd never know it based upon what you'll see here today.

Our prompt is to prepare something in a color we rarely cook up. For me I'd say black is the #1, unless you count all the stuff I burn, which I'm leaving off the list because this is Month of Food, not Month of Stuff I Burned. Anyway, goth day is coming up so I decided on purple, because purple food is rare in my world, no matter my undying love for purple cabbage.

Plans were for blue corn tacos, using pickled purple cabbage. Well, you get the cabbage, but that's about it. Don't ask about the tacos. They just didn't happen, ok?

I found a recipe for quick pickled cabbage, which I made a few days ago. It's super delicious, but apparently I can get into trouble if I publish it here as I didn't ask permission. Instead I'll say it's on the Edible Perspective page, and yes totally worth making.

My picture looks more pink than purple, but it's the most beautiful shade of purple, trust me. I also happened to toss in just a touch of regular cabbage left over from last week's "fusion" prompt. I hate to waste food, and the regular cabbage was just a dot in my veggie drawer looking all sad and lonely. Even the plate color looks "off" but trust me on this as well.... the plate is blue. I thought it would bring out the purple. It didn't.

Although my contribution today is not up to par, I'm filing it under "at least I tried" and honestly if you look up the recipe and make it yourself, you won't be disappointed. If pickled cabbage is your thing I mean. You could pickle cardboard and I'd be all in, I just love pickled stuff!

Not that you'd know it, but this IS
really delicious pickled purple cabbage.
On a blue plate.
WTF is going on with my camera?

I'm glad today's prompt is over. I never figured this one would give me any trouble. Even though it doesn't look like much, it's delicious thanks to Edible Perspective, although sorry about that copyright thing......

Purple plant love to you all. 


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  1. Aw, it's a shame it didn't work out as planned. It definitely looks pretty though!