Monday, November 14, 2016

Vegan Month of Food 2016 - Day 14 ... Monochrome Meal

Today's prompt is to show a monochrome meal. You know I've been doing videos, but today just photos, and a wee story.

I knew today was going to be exhausting. I had to drive to Key West, all the way back up the Keys into Marathon, and then back to Big Pine. If you did the math, I drove more miles today than exist between my house and Cuba. There's no road to Cuba though, so I stuck with Key West and Marathon.

Knowing all the driving I'd be doing today, I was also becoming frustrated with this prompt. Monochrome meal goes against my preferences, and against everything I've been taught by chefs (I'm no chef, but have had plenty of private training.... perhaps I can say "I'm no chef, but I play one on TV,") Anyway, as I was rolling dough and cutting fruit early this morning, I began to see that with a little tweaking I could show you a monochrome meal with what I was serving our guests today. You'll see that unfortunately the quiche doesn't quite look to fit the scheme, but I swear it does.... it's packed full of turmeric and thus a beautiful yellow color lurks under all that glorious paprika. I sprinkled it liberally with paprika..... before I realized I could show you a monochrome breakfast. My bad.

Here's a few pictures for you, the first is our monochrome meal, because that is indeed the prompt. The second is how I re plated the food to serve to our guests as I am very anti-monochrome food (we eat with our eyes, I find the rainbow much more beautiful!), and the third is my monochrome leftovers that we ate as a family (I had the fruit, the other happy vegan had the muffin, and that's Diesel, sort of fitting the color scheme, enjoying her own plate of fruit).

The quiche is my version of the Vegan Zombie's recipe. There's coconut grits, organic fruit, and a palm tree herbed biscuit stuffed with Teese non-dairy vegan cheese. That last photo with Diesel shows an organic jalapeno corn muffin that I had left over from an order I supplied. The other happy vegan has a bit of a thing for corn muffins. Diesel will have none of that, she's a blueberry muffin girl.

Happy monochrome meal planning, plant style:

That quiche is packed with turmeric, I swear it's yellow under there.
I sprinkled paprika all over it before I realized it complied with monochrome Monday.
Oopsie, daisy.

After I snapped the picture, I re plated the food.
This show what I consider to be a more beautiful plate.
Monochrome is not my style.

Diesel couldn't care what's monochrome and what's not.

We've got lots of color, this is rainbow week! See you tomorrow, plant strong!


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  1. I love how you replated it, what a difference! You did a really good job of getting the crockery and tableware to match the colour of the food in the first pic.