Thursday, November 10, 2016

Vegan Month of Food 2016 - Day 10 (Fusion Food) Italy meets Russia

Today's prompt "fusion cuisine" is AWESOME! Usually the topic would strike fear into my heart ... oh how I anguished last year on the same prompt. The difference this year is the OTHER happy vegan WANTED to do this one! REJOICE!

Today I bring you cabbage ravioli (cleverly disguised as cabbage manicotti.  Russia hooked up with Italy, and together they created the perfect storm of a food baby.

The other happy vegan got up bright and early this morning and made the cabbage/onion filling, the house smelled a little bizarre when I got up to make muffins, but so be it. Vegan food always me happy, even cabbage and onions at the crack of dawn. He was so excited about this. I've heard a few stories about his grandmother through the years, he absolutely adored her. I'd never met her, she was long passed on before we got together, but he spoke for years (not kidding, YEARS) about his grandmother's cabbage ravioli, I really thought he was kidding. Then I actually stumbled upon the recipe in his mother's cookbook (!!!) He wasn't vegan (yet) but I sure was. I noted how basically the recipe was accidentally vegan already (depending how the dough was made). He promised me for years he'd make it, but never did. One day last year, he made shells with the filling, and I was an instant believer.

I owe a deep debt of gratitude to 2016 Vegan Month of Food... this is only the second time he's ever made this for me. Without MoFo, this would have never happened today.

Oh.... enjoy the (multiple) cat cameos. This is why 1) cats are not allowed in the kitchen while I'm working, and 2) why I wanted to be OUT of the kitchen. Our companion animals are our lives, in the best way possible.

Ciao and Добрый вечер

xo and Vegan Strong!

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  1. Aw, I love how excited your partner was about this prompt, and I'm glad it helped you to get to put your feet up and enjoy this dish again! Russian and Italian initially sounded like an odd mix, but I can definitely see this working, it sounds great!