Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Vegan MoFo 2015 Day #8: Make A New Friend!

I'm writing this post with just minutes to go before the clock strikes midnight in my timezone, so I best hurry up. Today our assigned topic was "Make A New Friend." A few weeks ago, I decided to start a Vegan Support Group down here. By chance, I chose today, September 8, as the first Meetup. Talk about a stroke of luck.

Tonight I complied and made a new friend. I also saw some old friends. I am SO happy to have started this group. If you ever feel a little more alone than you wish you did as a vegan, I urge you to start a Meetup in your area. We had a nice turnout tonight, although everyone was camera shy except me, trust me it was a success. I'm REALLY happy about this right about now, and basically wondering why I didn't do this a VERY long time ago.

See you tomorrow!



  1. MeetUp was awesome & I made two new friends thanks to you! The cake was great as was all food, thank you.

  2. I need to come to the vegan group if I can get an invite. It's not that easy being vegan and socializing here. Most people really don't understand what vegan is and it's hard to put them in a spot when they invite you over and have tried to accommodate your "diet".

  3. Thank you for coming Sue, it was a fantastic first MeetUp! Joann.... it's so nice to "meet" you here.... I hope you will be able to come to our next MeetUp. It's an open group, but RSVPs are required. You can find us at the site, look for "Big Pine Key Vegan Support Group" and join. You will automatically get notices of meetings and events. We're new, just getting it started. And, our next MeetUp (although not yet scheduled) will be a POTLUCK!!! I'll be away a few short days, the other happy vegan will be staying here, but as soon as I return, we'll be scheduling the next one. Most likely the last week in September. Really hope to meet you!!! Thank you for your support, and yes..... we understand exactly what you are saying. This is the primary reason I started the Support Group. It's a personal group, and something I desired. xo

  4. Thanks for the information about signing up for the Vegan Support Group. I've signed up and hope to be at the next meeting. A potluck works great for me. I'm looking forward to it.