Saturday, September 27, 2014

Vegan MoFo 2014: Roadside Happenings

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More road trip fun. Video #1:

There's always a downside to a road trip at some point, no? At one destination, we ended up in an area which had virtually no vegan food. We found a small market where we were able to purchase some organic carrots, organic strawberries, and some hummus. We tried 3 times to get into the local health food store/juice bar, but it was closed every time we were there. EVERY TIME! That includes 10:30am one morning. Seriously?!! At one of the lunch places in town we stopped (the worst food of the trip), we were given an option of a wrap with lettuce, tomatoes, and cider vinegar, which I was so desperate I actually would have gone for, but…. the wrap was flavored, and when I asked if the wraps themselves were vegan, our waitperson responded with "I have no idea" and then walked away. So much for customer service.

We were lucky to find this teensy pizza place which had a decent selection of veggie toppings so we ordered a pizza without cheese, just sauce and veggies. Also, the fact they had soy milk carried the moment so I could get a cup of coffee. We'd just come in from a super long day at the beach. I was covered in sand and salt, and exhausted. Why does the sun drain us so much after beautiful days like that I have no idea. Regardless, it did, so pizza would have to suffice, which it did. We tried to get smoothies there too (pretty progressive, the pizza place said they had smoothies…) but when I asked about that, the gal pulled out these horrible mixes they use, which she allowed me to read the labels before mixing… and I swear I read propylene glycol as an ingredient. I thought I must be reading that wrong, so I simply returned the bottles to her and declined. Odd, I thought smoothies were made with things like fruit, juices, non-dairy milks and such. No one told me I'm supposed to put anti-freeze in them, hm, I must've missed the memo. We had some leftovers in the room to carry us through breakfast and lunch the next day. As beautiful as that place was, it's unlikely we'd go back. Such a pity.

Video #2:

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